about The perfect nines


With roots encompassing the grunge days of Nirvana, Garbage, and Pearl Jam to the more recent sounds of The Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead, and the Foo Fighters, the melodically-charged music of The Perfect Nines revives the core essence of alternative rock with a sexy twist. From the eclectic, catchy hook of "Beautiful Inside," to the powerful, haunting ballad of "Carry On," the band's self-titled album proves they can indeed hold an electric candle to many bands today. The Perfect Nines produce an alluring blend of positive and charismatic tunes culminating in Rico Quevedo’s impressive guitar riffs and Jonas Yip’s polished beats, matched with Cinzia Moniaci’s vocals, reminiscent of female singers Alanis Morisette and Gwen Stefani.

Released in 2009, the band’s first album celebrates the inspiration they found and compelled in each other, capturing the imperfect beauty of life. While songs like “Don’t You Worry” depict the band’s heavier influences, other numbers like “Life Goes On” display a more pop-infused side that ultimately fuse together to create the unique music of The Perfect Nines. The band’s enticingly distinct sound promptly caught on, resulting in regular performances at Saint Rocke and Sangria in Hermosa Beach, The Hotel Cafe in Hollywood, and numerous dates in Cinzia’s home country of Italy.

Italian-born singer-songwriter and fashion designer Cinzia Moniaci and guitarist-songwriter Rico Quevedo are no strangers to the music industry, sharing a history with their band Bionica, which attracted the attention of prominent producers Ross Robinson (Korn, Limp Bizkit) and Jim Wirt (Fiona Apple, Incubus), scoring them notable gigs at the Viper Room and Key Club, as well as landing the soundtrack to Dawson’s Creek and other noteworthy television shows. Jonas Yip hails from the blues- and folk-fueled indie band Momzer, lending his love of synth pop to complete The Perfect Nines. A chance meeting two years ago in Manhattan Beach quickly led to the trio’s formation, birthed from a shared interest of unearthing and heralding the beauty in everything through their passion for music. Cinzia’s remarkable voice – all of her vocal tracks on the album were the first takes – and Rico’s and Jonas’ energy create an unmistakable onstage presence that keeps fans returning for more.